Ronin R-13

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    Ronin R-008 Gamers Handsfree


    R-008 Handsfree which automatically fits the human ear when wearing, greatly improving the stability of wearing, and will not swell for a long time.

    Compatible with 3.5 mm audio interface devices:

      • Desktop computer
      • Tablet
      • Mobile
      • Laptop
      • L shape connector
      • Dual microphone
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    Ronin R-13 Stereo Sound Earphone


    Hi-Fi sound: Ronin’s R-13 provides audiophiles the best sound experience with least distortion and noise making your listening experience perfect with reproducing high-quality of sound.
    Colors: Ronin’s R-13 comes in elegant black, chic white and vibrant red colors for you to choose according to your convenience and taste.
    Simple and decent: The new style and decent outlay makes R-13 best for people who seek simplicity and decency while using the stylish gadgets.
    Elastic wire: The perfectly sized tangle free elastic wire solves the entangling and breaking problem that every earphone user face making R-13 durable earphones with high performance.
    Ultra-Bass effect: Special ultra-bass effect feature of R-13 gives you the ultimate sound and music experience while not causing any hearing problem.

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