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    Ronin R-007 Gamerz Handsfree


    Plug-in Microphone:

    Microphone headset linkage enables group warfare more exciting. Sound quality is much clearer with real-time audio transmission.

    Enhanced Hearing Experience:

    Listen for position, gallop the battle field. Hi-Fi stereo hand-swimming sound effect and high sensitivity transmission ensuring that the position of the group warfare is safe.

    8D audio:

    Hi-fi stereo feature let you to experience sound in such a manner that the listener receives the sensation that from which way individual sounds are coming from.

    Comfortable wear:

    The 135 horned ear cap is designed with composite ergonomics, which automatically fits the human ear when wearing, greatly improving the stability of wearing, and will not swell for a long time.

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    Ronin R-008 Gamers Handsfree


    R-008 Handsfree which automatically fits the human ear when wearing, greatly improving the stability of wearing, and will not swell for a long time.

    Compatible with 3.5 mm audio interface devices:

      • Desktop computer
      • Tablet
      • Mobile
      • Laptop
      • L shape connector
      • Dual microphone
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    Ronin R-13 Stereo Sound Earphone


    Hi-Fi sound: Ronin’s R-13 provides audiophiles the best sound experience with least distortion and noise making your listening experience perfect with reproducing high-quality of sound.
    Colors: Ronin’s R-13 comes in elegant black, chic white and vibrant red colors for you to choose according to your convenience and taste.
    Simple and decent: The new style and decent outlay makes R-13 best for people who seek simplicity and decency while using the stylish gadgets.
    Elastic wire: The perfectly sized tangle free elastic wire solves the entangling and breaking problem that every earphone user face making R-13 durable earphones with high performance.
    Ultra-Bass effect: Special ultra-bass effect feature of R-13 gives you the ultimate sound and music experience while not causing any hearing problem.

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    Ronin R-230 Free Style Wireless Headset

    • Dynamic Speaker
    • HUGE Battery
    • Stereo Sound
    • Hands-free Calling
    • Fast Pairing
    • HD Microphone
    • Ergonomics Design
    • The crystal-clear sound
    • Suitable for Both Ears
    • R-230 leads a comfortable wearing experience for both left and right ear, even if you are accustomed to wear in a single ear.
    • Light Weight makes the long time wearing without tired, fully guaranteed the comfortable wearing experience
    • Big MFB Button which you can answer call accurately and play the music without seeing nor hard pressing.
    • Multi Connection with 2 Devices
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    Ronin R-250 2.4A Reliable Cable


    High Speed Charge & Sync
    Faster and Durable Charging Cable
    Cable Variations: Micro-USB, Lightning, Type-C
    Lenght: 1 m
    Output: 2.4 Ampere

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    Ronin R-27 Magical Sound Handsfree


    Color: Black

    Design: Magical

    Wire Lenght: About 1.2 m

    Jack: 3.5 mm

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    Ronin R-305 3 In 1 Durable Braided Cable


    – 1.2 Meter Length to work hassle-free while your phone charges, no need to pull the cables to check while working. Enjoy charge times up to 30?ster than most standard cables.

    Rapid charge and sync
    – Up to 2.4A max rapid charge depending on charging device, fast data transmission and rapid speed to sync your device at the speed up to 480mbps

    Extremely Durable
    – Reinforced soft rubberized cable has a 6000+ lifespan, stronger and more durable than standard cables. Sync and Charge: Transferring DATA and charging at the same time.

    3 in 1 Compatibility
    – Best for charging 3 different devices simultaneously. Ideal for charging and Sync the latest Micro-USB, Type-C & Lightning Devices.

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    Ronin R-460 Dual Modes Earbuds ENC


    Dual Modes
    Gaming + Music

    Dual Mic + ENC

    Black Green

    Battery & Charging Time
    Case 400 mAh, 30mAh Each Earbuds
    (Upto 6 hours talk time)
    (1.5 Hour Charging Time)

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    Ronin R-490 Battle Pods | Gaming + Music Mode Black


    Usage Time
    200 mAh Case Battery Capacity
    25 mAh Each Earbud Battery
    (Up to 5 hours of continuous Gameplay)

    Charging Time
    Upto 1.5 Hour

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    Ronin R-5 Crystal Clear Sound Handsfree

    • Light Weight Durable Shell designed for Comfortable Long Wearing
    • HD speakers that delivers a crystal clear sound pack with sound accuracy and clarity.
    • Ergonomic Design making sure that you look a-class-apart.
    • 3.5mm standard plug
    • Oxidation-resistant Material
    • TPE high elastic wire design featuring anti-pull and long life.
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    Ronin R-5500 Mighty X Gaming Headphone


    The Ronin R-5500 Is A Gaming Headset Designed For Immersive And High-Quality Audio During Gaming Sessions. R-5500 Has A Comfortable And Adjustable Headband With Memory Foam Ear Cushions For Long Gaming Sessions, It Connects To Devices Through A USB And 3.5mm Audio Jack, And Is Compatible With PCs & Gaming Consoles

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    Ronin R-590 Mini Wireless Earpod


    Ronin’s R-590 Bluetooth Mini Earpod Is A Smart And Stylish Earbud That Lets You Enjoy Music And Hands-Free Calls Anywhere, Anytime. It Is The World’s Smallest, But With The Largest Sound Quality Among Earbuds. Mini Earpod Is Compatible With IOS Or Android And Works With Bluetooth. You Can Control Music, Answer Phone Calls, Or Switch Between Devices Conveniently Without Touching Your Phone.

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    Ronin R-690 Wireless Ultra Pods


    LED digital capacity indicator: The LED digital capacity indicator helps you to monitor the capacity and use it accordingly.
    Long music time: The Ronin’s R-690 provides its users up to six hours of music time non-stop. Enabling you to enjoy long trips or walks using R-690 with your favorite songs.
    Hi-Fi, stereo sound: The Hi-Fi stereo sound ability of R-690 makes it the unique Bluetooth wireless pod earphones with no to minimize latency in the sound.
    Stylish and compact charging case: Ronin’s R-690 Bluetooth earphones comes with the stylish and compact charging case making it more portable and presentable. It is efficient as the Bluetooth pods earphones and its design and charging case make it a fashion element as well.

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    Ronin R-725 Extreme Sound Handsfree

    • Incredibly Powerful
    • Hassle Free Calls
    • Pause music or answer calls with the convenient remote and microphone.
    • Comfortable Sound quality with clear sound and with heavy bass.
    • HD Speakers
    • Excellent sound accuracy and clarity.
    • High Elastic Wire
    • TPE High Elastic Wire design, anti-pull, long life.
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    Ronin R-825 iOS Handsfree

    • Only for iOS
    • Comfortable Design
    • The design of the R-825 iOS earphone is friendly and easy to carry
    • High Quality Sound
    • Lightning Connector with Multi-Tasking Remote the R-825 iOS Earphones have a Lightning Connector that also include a built-in remote that lets you adjust the volume, control the playback of music and video, and answer or end calls.
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    Ronin R-860 Gamers Earpods


    Are Looking For The Best Gaming Earbuds That Won’t Introduce Lag Into Your Gameplay Then Ronin’s R-860 Is Made For You

    420 mAh Case Battery Capacity
    40 mAh Each Earbud Battery
    (Up to 4 hours of continuous Gameplay)
    Charging Time: 1 Hour

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